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Get Fish Cake Easy Recipe
. Forget the days of stodgy bland fishcakes, these fish delights are packed full of flavour, texture and colour. It packs a punch of flavor with very little effort.

Mormor S Fish Cakes Sweet Paul Magazine
Mormor S Fish Cakes Sweet Paul Magazine from

Cod fillets, eggs, flounder, flounder fillets, flour, garlic, onion, pollock fillets, potato starch, red snapper, salt, shrimp, snapper fillets, squid, sugar, sweet potato starch, vegetable oil, white pepper. Asparagus, onion, celery, garlic, peanut oil, fish cakes, carrot and 3 more. Fish cakes are really easy to make and are a great way to get your kids eating fish.

These fish cakes are a doddle to make and you can make them from frozen fish and leftover mashed potato.

Possibly the easiest recipe for fishcakes you will ever find, these easy salmon fishcakes take just 30 minutes to make, and only 15 minutes if you use leftovers! Seasoned beautifully and topped with sriracha mayo, you're going to want to eat these on the regular. These are great with homemade tartare sauce and some green veggies. Browse our selection of tasty fish cake recipes, from chris horridge's zingy salmon fish cakes with rocket, capers and lime dressing, to exotic south.

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